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The area offers a range of events to everyone all year longin the very vicinity of Ginestas. Here is a selection of events that we appreciated: they're all very accessible from the house and are scheduled each year in the specified period.

défilé des biterrois lors des caritats

The medieval feasts so called Caritats of Beziers are held each year in May.The upper town lives then to the rhythm of Middle Ages; Costumed stallholders install their stalls along the avenue Riquet, various animations (tournaments, songs, dances, theater...) and the craftsmen of time (blacksmiths, stringed instrument makers, tanners, innkeepers, etc.) invite you to participate. These celebrations end with a torchlight procession, in costume and music.
It is truly a spectacle not to be missed.

embrasement de la cite de carcassonne

šThe Festival of the 2 Cities of Carcassonne 
begins in June and ends in August in, or at the feet of, the biggest castle of France. A hundred performances of all kinds are offered (opera, dance, theatre, circus, classical music, French and international easy listening music, jazz...) whose majority is free ! Internationally renowned artists (Depeche Mode, Dutronc, Béjart, Julia Migénes...) are invited for the occasion to do a performance in a  magical setting...
It is imperative to attend at least once in your life the blaze of the castle of Carcassonne on the national holiday July 14, which is the highlight of this festival, and a show full of magic (see side picture).

Jordi savall au festival musique et histoire à fontfroide

šThe Festival music and history in the abbey of Fontfroide is an unavoidable appointment for all classical music lovers. It provides every year, late July an opportunity to rediscover masterpieces of classical music in a place where time seems suspended. (2010 poster : Jordi Savall)

féria de Béziers

šThe Mediterranneans is a festival that brings together performers of mediterranean origin. It is hold at the beginning of August in Leucate. It offers interesting and eclectic programs (Charles Aznavour, Goran Bregovic...)

šLa féria de Béziers 
takes place every year during the month of August. It is more authentic than the Feria of Nîmes for less known, yet famous for enthusiasts. In this event bullfighting (corridas) stand in arenas, while bulls or cows are released in the city, and traditional music band (bandas) play in the upper town.

affiche festival identi`terres à Bages Sigean

Le Festival des Identit'terres 
starts in October. It lasts two weeks and occurs on 8 villages bordering the Bages-Sigean pond. It explores the theme "real, dreamed, imaginary territories". The program is deliberately very broad and varied : fine arts, concerts, theatre, cinema, counted walk, photo exhibition, conference, electronic music loudspeakers nap, public reading, street show... This festival helps to survey the space where we live, to go take a walk in the neighbouring, to become immerse in the imaginary of places, to revisit the built heritage including when it is in ruins but also discover other spaces, words, music, come from elsewhere.

festival jazz sur conilhac corbières

šThe Festival Jazz on Conilhac-Corbières begins late October and lasts full November month. There are meetings between renowned jazz artists(Lockwood, Tito Puentes, Galliano...) and regional musicians. Jazz in Conilhac offers since 21 years a festival that accepts all styles and cultivates authenticity and proximity. Each concert is an exchange between very demanding audience and musicians carefully chosen by the organizers. Hospitality, conviviality are updated, especially at the Jazz cellar where evenings extend around memorable jam sessions whilst wine from the corbières is poured in glasses. 

carnaval de limoux le plus long du monde

šThe Carnival of Limoux is the longest in the world (it lasts three months). From January to March, you will eventually leave for the day and attend special themes parades. They are organized every Saturday and Sunday on the streets of the city.



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