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The Aude offers a wide variety of places for swimming, in freshwater or seawater. As such, Ginestas is close to most of the interesting places. We recommend that you try the rivers around Ginestas, they are quieter and wooded than beaches in summertimes.

You'll find below a few pictures of the spots where you can swim in Aude.

lac de jouarresbaignade dans la Cesse


                                           Lac de Jouarres                                                                                                                                           La Cesse

la ribautegouffre de l`oeil doux

                                                La Ribaute                                                                                                                                     Le gouffre de l'oeil doux

la franquiegorges verdouble     


                                   Les gorges des Corbières                                                                                                                                         La Franquie

aquajet narbonnecascade de termes


                                    L'aquajet de Narbonne                                                                                                                            La cascade de Termes

Fresh water:
You can swim at bize-Minervois (5 mns) -see top photo-, in the Lake of Jouarrès (15 mns), Lagrasse (30 mns). A fireman is there to watch and an easy access is made for families

You may also bath  in the Cesse around Ginestas (5 mns), in the cascade of Boulidou (7 mns), in the gouffre de l'oeil doux, in the natural pools of la Ribaute and in the cascades and the Gorges of Minervois or Corbières (30 mns)...You have the choice !


Sea water :
We highly recommend the beaches of Gruissan, Narbonne (25 mns), Peyriac sur Mer, La Franquie, Leucate (40 mns). For fans, you'll find naturist beaches at Gruissan (Mateille beach), in Saint Pierre la Mer (beach of the Ayguades) and Port Leucate (naturists district),

Bleached water : 
You may also take your children to the municipal swimming pool of Mailhac (7 mns), or to the Aquajet of Narbonne (15 mns)

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